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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 12, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PST

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the final episode of "extreme makeover: home edition" is friday. and "the revolution" starts monday. thanks for watching. jimmy kimmel is next. we'll see you tomorrow. up next, an all-new jimmy kimmel live. >> to me, ron paul looks like the guy who gets unhooded at the end of any scooby-doo cartoon. >> woody harrelson. >> how many times have you been in handcuffs? >> you mean when it's not recreational? >> yvonne strahovski. andnene
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hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. the news about nebo, the outfitter who is giving away textbooks this month. textbooks are expensivexpensive. something college kids like this one, know all too well. >> hi. i'm guillermo. this is my house of textbooks. text books cost so much money, i have to live in them, too. >> hey, guillermo. we're going to shiftys for 5 cent wing night. you want to come? >> i can't. i don't have 5 cents because i have to buy textbooks like this one. >> you should get free textbook rentals from nebo like we do.
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>> tell me more. >> you can save money when you rent textbooks. >> wow. and then, i can move to a real house. >> yep. >> that's a great news, ladies. do you want to go for a swim? >> you have a pool in that little house? >> no. but i have a>> party. >> let's go. >> 100,000 free textbook censese neebo on facebook. save 20% on all your textbooks. neebo has everything you need. music from rodney atkins. and woody harrelson. ♪ ♪ ♪ one too many... [ male announcer ] it's time to reclaim your garage.
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he needs to use the brush more dentists use. oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. life opens up when you do. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- woody harrelson. yvonne strahovski. and music from rodney atkins. with cleto and the cletones.
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and now, let the truth be known, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. thank you. thanks for watching. thank you for being here tonight. wonderful to have you all. and continuing to entertain you all. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. i'm also the host for a deadly, new virus. but let's keep that quiet, if we could. guillermo, how are you tonight? >> going great. >> jimmy: you doing well? >> yes. >> jimmy: the reason i'm asking, is guillermo has a newborn baby at home. have you been getting any sleep? >> like two hours. >> jimmy: two hours. last night at 3:30 a.m., guillermo was tweeting. if you don't follow guillermo on twitter, you're really missing out on some gold. this twitter burst happened over
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the course of 20 minutes in the middle of the night last night. from 3:30, to almost 4:00 a.m. it started with, good morning, friends. then, to all the ladies out there, you're beautiful and it's true. [ laughter ] what prompted that in the middle of the night? >> all of them are beautiful. >> jimmy: okay. [ laughter ] and then, he tweeted, having a sense of humor is so sexy to me. just try to be happy most of you lifetime. [ laughter ] that's good advice, i guess. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and your wife has a very good sense of humor, right? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and then -- and then, he tweeted, i am hungry. oatmeal or cheese quesadilla? [ laughter ] both good choices in the middle of the night. and then, finally, my son is having a hard time going to sleep. i think i will make me a quesadilla. [ laughter ]
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that should put him to sleep. that's very nicely done. he's our own little mexi-kanye west. but it's going all right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you still breast-feeding? >> my wife is. >> jimmy: oh, she's going to do it. okay. that's good. all right. in less-interesting news, the new hampshire primary was held yesterday. this year, they had it in new hampshire. and as expected, mitt romney won easily. this race, i'll tell you, is heating up with the intensity of an ez-bake oven. in new hampshire, it typically has candidates dropping out of the race. but so far, it looks like everyone who competed yesterday is staying in. it's like if one of the women on the "bachelor" didn't get a rose but said, i'm staying in the mansion. and fidel castro is weighing in on our choice for president. he posted a blog entry this
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week, titled "the best president for the united states." castro thinks a robot would do a better job than president obama. and if mitt romney wins, that could happen. [ laughter ] he went on to say that, if faced with the choice of obama, any of the republican candidates, or a robot, 90% of americans would vote for the robot. sounds like somebody's finally getting repeats of "small wonder" down in havana. with all due respect, mr. castro, we tried the robot thing here in california. and it didn't work out. [ cheers and applause ] people got pregnant, suffice it to say. okay? ron paul finished second in new hampshire. he had 23% of the vote. paul's campaign said, if he can sustain those kinds of numbers in the next few primaries and if his message continues to resonate with independent voters and if mitt romney gets hit by a
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drump truck, he could win this thing. if ron paul wins, it would be historic. he would be our first elfin president. he looks like the guy who gets beheaded at the end of every "scooby-doo" cartoon. ron paul, it seemed to be almost like a victory speech last night, even though he finished second. and he seems to be enjoying his position as party outsider. >> i find it sort of fascinating when they finally get around. and this is different people. it could be in the media. could be our opponents or whatever. but i have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous. >> jimmy: all right. can you freeze that? go right in there. i agree with ron. but the only thing that's dangerous, really, is imagining what kind of damage his wife could do with a loaded bedazzler in her hand. that is some outfit. maybe he really is an elf and
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he's married to mrs. claus. don't get between momma paul and a sale rack at mervin's, i'll tell you that. but i do love her fish sticks. newt gingrich came in fourth with only 10% of the vote last night. but he's hanging in and taking a lot of shots at romney. he says romney's a flip-flopper on issues like immigration and health care. he says mitt has been known to sleep on one side of the pillow for a while. and flip it over and sleep on the cooler side, just because he gets hot. and he's made a habit of insinuating that mitt romney is a hypocrite. >> can we drop some of the pius baloney. >> jimmy: pius baloney. he's running with it. and he made it the center of his anti-romney ad campaign. >> newt gingrich knows baloney when he sees it. >> baloney. >> he loves baloney. he eats it every da. baloney sandwiches.
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baloney soup. baloney smiley faces. barbecued baloney logs. even baloney cake. but there's one kind of baloney that newt does not like. >> this, for me, politics, is not a career. >> can we drop some of the pious baloney. >> pious bologna. mitt romney, the wrong kind of bologna. >> jimmy: now, the candidates will head to south carolina. a little-known fact, that it used to be one carolina. until mitt romney's company bought it and split it into two. this is probably the most exciting thing coming out of the primary. c-span had a call-in show. yesterday, the party chairman from new hampshire was on the show to answer questions from viewers like this one, a gentleman named dan. >> good morning, dan. where are you calling from?
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>> i'm calling from portland. good morning. i used to be a city manager. and part of my job would be to help prepare for the primaries. i know what the chairman is going through. you have a big job today, sir. and my question is with regards on how turnout will affect the eventual result. and do you believe that mitt romney has a big penis? >> i apologize, chairman mcdonald, for that comment. we're trying to get the conversation productive here this morning. >> i want to make sure i heard him right. >> jimmy: and he did not answer the question, by the way. sarah palin's daughter, bristol, has decided to go home. bristol palin told "in touch" magazine, that she's giving up on hollywood and moving back to alaska. strange. it's not like a family to quit something part of the way through. why was she in hollywood again? as you may recall, bristol palin
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was a contestant on "dancing with the stars." and then, she had a reality show on the biography channel that never made it to air. and it turned out that hollywood wasn't into the bristol palin thing. so, she and her son, tripp, are moving into an apartment, under sarah palin's home tv studio. that's tough. i remember when i had to move back into my mom's tv studio. it's embarrassing. [ laughter ] i don't understand why khloe and kim don't reach out and make her an honorary kardashian. that would be great. or there's "celebrity ice road truckers." very good news today for overweight americans. our national obesity rate has dropped 0.5%. which is like four bags of funyuns. last year, the percentage of bees adults dropped from 26.6% to 26.1%. if we could get obese people to
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start eating each other, it could drop more than that. this is having an impact on snack cake sales. hostess, the makers of wonder bread and twinkies, has just filed for bankruptcy protection. wonder has ironically ron outunf bread. i find that -- to me, hostess is a great american company. we have to save them. maybe we should start firing twinkies at the taliban. save hostess and afghanistan at the same time. hostess is doing everything they can to reorganize. but times are tough. and now, they're even looking to the government for help. >> we're hostess. an american institution since 1930. we create the delicious cakes you know and love. twinkies, ho-ho's, ding dongs, and more. now, as we face bankruptcy, we're asking congress to do the one thing that will return us to
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profitability immediately. legalize marijuana. paid for by hostess. >> jimmy: let's do this. we have to save the endangered crocodile. one more thing, if we can go back to politics for a moment. if you're like me, you've been overwhelmed of the analysis of this presidential campaign. people are shouting at each other. they're projecting and predicting and pontificating. it's too much. to get back to the basics, i illicited the help of kids down the street from us. kids have a clear way of looking at things. i asked them what they know about all this president-type stuff. hello there. go ahead and have a seat. thank you guys for coming. you know much about politics? >> some. >> jimmy: what do you know? tell us. >> politics is something about presidents and government and stuff. >> jimmy: that's absolutely right. you guys know the difference
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between a republican and a democrat? >> no. >> jimmy: do you know what a republican is? >> the good guys on "star wars"? >> jimmy: exactly. you know what a democrat is? >> a person who -- >> a doctor for your teeth. >> yeah. >> jimmy: again, republicans are the good guys in "star wars." and democrats take care of your teeth? okay. what party do you belong to? what's your party affiliation? >> i would say i belong to -- i would say i belong to miss jessica's class. but if that doesn't count, i would go second grade with 36 students. >> jimmy: do you support the tea party? >> yeah. >> oh, i like tea. >> i drink tea. >> jimmy: you do? how often do you have tea? >> i haven't had it for a bit. >> my mom makes great tea.
12:18 am
>> i like iced tea lemonade. >> jimmy: very good. do you know there's a lot of people that don't have jobs right now in america? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what would you do to get them back to work? >> give them money. >> jimmy: give them money. okay. brody? >> i would put them in a job for security for the president. >> jimmy: interesting. abbie? >> i would pull their teeth out. and then, the tooth fairy will come. >> jimmy: great idea. if you're president of the united states, what would you do to make school better? >> i don't know what i'm going to do about education. but i'm just saying, more schools in the tricounty area. >> jimmy: the tricounty area? what's the tricounty area? >> the place in "toy story." >> jimmy: oh. if your parents were running for president, which one of them would you vote for? >> i know you can't vote -- i
12:19 am
know you can't vote twice. >> jimmy: you cannot vote twice. >> i know. so -- >> jimmy: you have to pick one. >> i wouldn't vote at all. >> jimmy: you wouldn't vote at all? >> if my dad and my mom are going -- i cannot even choose to only have one dad or mom. >> jimmy: they're so darn good? >> yeah. they're great. >> jimmy: wow. let me ask you this question -- who do you think would be the better president? your mom or your dad? >> my dad because he can defend himself because he's a muscular man. >> jimmy: he's muscular. >> my dad because he takes karate. >> jimmy: how about you? your mother or your father? >> my dad. >> jimmy: why? >> he's strong. he goes to the gym a lot. >> jimmy: okay. all right. there seems to be some kind of consensus that the president -- does the president fight other presidents from other countries? >> no. >> jimmy: oh. so, where would the president need to fight? >> people that are trying to
12:20 am
murder him? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the guys that protect him? >> yes. the secret service guys. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> security. >> jimmy: if we had to pick one of the five of you to be president, who would it be? who would you guys elect? >> brody. >> jimmy: why brody? >> he's funny. >> he raised his hand to be president. >> jimmy: because he raised his hand. and he's funny. >> and i want to get a big mansion. >> jimmy: would you let these guys come live in it with you? >> um, no. >> i would. because he's my best friend. >> jimmy: that's it. >> did you have to add that? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thanks, guys. you all have my vote. great job. thank you. yvonne strahovski is here. we have music from rodney atkins. and we'll be right back with woody harrelson. so, stick around. [ cheers and applause ] i don't want healthy skin for a day.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. tonight, on the show, a very attractive woman you may know from the program, "chuck," yvonne strahovski is here. yvonne is the within god gave us eyes. and from this, his latest album, "take a back road," rodney atkins. tomorrow, stephen merchant will be here. we'll have music from kina grannis. and meryl streep will be here, too. this is an actor that present the from "cheers," to "natural born killers." his latest movie is "rampart."
12:26 am
it opens february 10th. please welcome woody harrelson. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? >> good to see you. >> jimmy: thank you. i will be shocked if you don't get an oscar nomination for this movie. [ cheers and applause ] great job in it. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and it's nice that everyone's applauding, even though you haven't seen it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but when they do see it, i think they will absolutely agree because, boy, are you a scary s.o.b. in this movie. >> oh, thank you. yeah. scary s.o.b. i'm glad you just used those initials. >> jimmy: well, we wouldn't want to say the "b" word on television. we could get shut down. and for starters, you were named
12:27 am
best actor by the african-american film critics association. i had no idea you were black. >> it's a deep root. >> jimmy: that's cool, though. that's exciting, i would think, right? >> i was pleased as punch. >> jimmy: a lot of people are saying. when you made this transition because, we first really saw you as woody on "cheers." who would have ever guessed that you'd play all these different roles? did you think, maybe i shouldn't be woody? or did anyone suggest to you to go with woodrow or woodman, woodpecker? something more serious. >> you mean like a stage name. >> jimmy: your real name is woody? >> woodrow. >> jimmy: did anybody say you should go with woodrow? it sounds more serious? >> [ bleep ]. i wish we would have had this conversation a long time ago. >> jimmy: where was i? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's so weird. i remember going into rooms for auditions and stuff.
12:28 am
and i'd say woody harrelson. they'd be like, so, i probably shot myself in the foot. >> jimmy: well, you probably have a whole shelf full of academy awards if it wasn't for that. you were in amsterdam promoting this movie "rampart." >> now, i'm trying to remember. >> reporteyou were in amsterdam. was that a good time? how do you do interviews? amsterdam? that seems like an impossibility? >> it was pretty tough, i have to admit. i know i was there. but it was very -- very little i remember about it. and i thought about it after the fact. i thought, what was the point of asking david carr from "the new york times" to meet me in amsterdam? you know? >> jimmy: well, loosen you up a little, maybe? loosen him up a little maybe? >> no.
12:29 am
he's a tea totaler. i don't have that courage. nor am i a quitter. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now, you say he's been in aa, i'm guessing one of the as is not that important. does everyone know that he's in aa? or do they just know now? >> oh, right. [ laughter ] whoops. david, so sorry, david. didn't mean to out you. >> jimmy: well, what are you going to do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you also -- and i hope you remember this -- recorded a song with ziggy marley for his new album. are you singing on the album? >> yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: anyone senses a theme here. what song did you sing with them? >> i can't remember. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:30 am
i remember going over to his house. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> he lives right down the street. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> you know, i remember we hung out a while. and then, and since then, people said, did you record a song together? >> jimmy: he lives in hawaii also? >> no. no. i'm saying, he lives down the street here in l.a. >> jimmy: oh, i see. i got you. >> i live in hawaii. >> jimmy: right. >> but i stay here. >> jimmy: how is the family doing? everyone all right? >> they couldn't be any better. they're amazing. my oldest, dani, is 18. >> jimmy: she is? wow? >> she's in college. that was probably the hardest experience i ever had was dropping her off at college and leaving. it felt totally surreal and wrong. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but you know, she's doing good. >> jimmy: luckily, you're able to forget very quickly. >> yes. [ laughter ] i did. i asked the wifey after, you know, a couple of months, where is dani?
12:31 am
[ laughter ] strangely absent from the household. and then, i have a 15-year-old, zoey. and then, she's awesome. and then, i have the 5-year-old, maccani, who is a real rascal and a lot of fun. that's my goddess trilogy right there. >> jimmy: do your kids want to follow in your footsteps? have they shown any interest in acting? >> i think most likely -- they have. dani did a bunch of plays. and zoey did a bunch of plays. and maccani, she's 5. but if she sees people on stage -- >> jimmy: she gets on there? >> even if it's musicians performing or something, she tries to get on the stage. >> jimmy: i know you will let them do whatever they want. are you for that or against it? >> that can get a little dicey. everybody's in the middle of a song and a 5-year-old -- >> jimmy: no, no. i mean acting in general opinion
12:32 am
i don't mean your little kanye west jumping up on stage. >> my little kanye. well, you know, i would rather they do any other profession. >> jimmy: really? anything else? >> just 'cause, you know, you can get a lot of rejection in this line of business. so, i would want them to have something that wasn't going to be so -- you know. it's not easy. >> jimmy: they see you. and they say, dad has done so well. >> look how easy it is for him. >> jimmy: you play a member of the los angeles police department, the rampart division. it was big in the '90s. it was a big deal. the rampart division. the corruption that allegedly went on there. i don't know how you want to put it. >> i don't think it was just alleged. >> jimmy: there were things that happened there. very bad things. and this movie is set during that time period. >> yeah. it's a fictional story. but that's the backdrop. >> jimmy: and is it completely fictional? >> it's completely fictional. >> jimmy: did you go and ride
12:33 am
along and do all the things you're supposed to do? >> oh, yeah. i did ride-alongs with these guys. bob -- well, they call him boston. and this other guy, jerry. they were really great to hang with. you know, first, i was quite nervous. but it was pretty bizarre, man. they would pull up. they pull over some gang-bangers. you know, they'd have them face the wall and put your hands on your head. frisk them. then, they'd say, someone wants to talk to you. and i'd walk over. hey. how's it going? and they're looking at me like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and what would you talk about? >> you know, i'd ask them how everything's going. [ laughter ] you know, what it's like to be in a gang. [ laughter ] is it fun? i mean, you guys get a lot of free time? [ laughter ] that's where my end would stop.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break here. woody harrelson's with us. "rampart" opens february 10th. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] you should also get it for free. that's why at h&r block... you could get money that's both fast and free on an emerald card. just bring in your tax information and get a refund anticipation check... in 7-14 days, for up to $9,999. you pay nothing out of pocket. hurry. this offer ends february 4th. why pay for fast money when you can get it for free? call 1-800-hrblock to make an appointment. h&r block. never settle for less.
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every testimony contains some inconsistencies. otherwise, you wouldn't have a job. no man who shoots and kills another man is entired coached in the moment. no planned contact with the
12:39 am
enemy. >> did you learn that with the first man you killed? >> i learned that serving my country, as a nonelective pop-up target, in an often misunderstood crusade for liberty and justice, known as the vietnam war. >> can we not go to vietnam today? >> jimmy: that's woody harrelson, in "rampart," that opens on february 10th. have you ever ridden with the cops as one of their prisoners? >> of course. >> jimmy: how many times and for what? how many times have you been in handcuffs? >> you mean when it wasn't recreational? okay. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i'd say, definitely, less than ten times. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: me, too. but by less, i mean zero times.
12:40 am
>> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: was it more than five times? >> oh, yeah. i'd say, probably around eight times. i'd have to sit and think about it. >> jimmy: eight times. do you remember any of them? or those instances? what happened? >> well, the first time was the worst time. >> jimmy: okay. >> yeah. that was bad. i was -- that was -- i was 21, i think. i was in college. and i went to visit my brother at his college. he was going to ohio state. and you know, me and this other guy, we were in a bar. and jordan, my brother. we were in a bar. we come out of the bar. jordan split, my brother. and then, we cross the street. and this cop grabs us for jaywalking. you know? >> jimmy: oh. >> so, i didn't want to show him my i.d., right? and he was asking for the i.d. and i said, i don't have one. and he said, have you been drinking? a little bit. then, he must have had an i.d.
12:41 am
to get into these bars. so, i pull the i.d. out. and as i'm, you know, handing it to him, he says, don't lie to me again, punk. and just something, the way he said that, as he grabbed it, i reach eed -- i pulled back with the i.d. >> jimmy: good idea. >> not a good idea. so, he grabs me. he was irate. he grabbed me. and he slammed me against this brick wall. and just slammed me a few times. and naturally, i kind of pushed off his arms and started running. >> jimmy: uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> and then, he put out an officer in distress. i don't know if you guys have ever had this. but it's a very quick, very big response when they do that. and pretty soon, i got knees in my throat. and another guy's here. and the next -- i'm on the sidewalk there in columbus, ohio. and all these students were around. it was after a game. and they're like, yelling at the cops because they're being so
12:42 am
rough, you know? the cops were yelling back. anyway, they throw me in a van. and we go in the van. and the van stops to pick up some other poor bastard who had been peeing on the sidewalk. [ laughter ] and when they opened the door to, you know, bring in the other prisoner, i had my -- you know, i was handcuffed back here. and i just bolted and went -- [ laughter ] and went out the back of the van. and so, started running across this parking lot. [ laughter ] and i can hear the cops going -- and then, i can hear them kind of yelling and coming after me. and i'm running as hard as i can. and i have on boots. it's not the best running material. and i can see a car coming. but i couldn't slow down, you know? and so, i'm just going to keep running. you know, if you slow down in boots, you're just skidding and you're going to fall at that
12:43 am
speed. so, i hit the back of the car, just barely. but enough. and it flipped me, 100 -- you know, over -- what is that? ass over tea kettles? >> jimmy: yeah. >> that covers all the cuss words so far. and i flipped over and i landed on my head. i rolled. i got back up. and then, they were on me. and then, they just maced me. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> like, really badly. >> jimmy: wow. >> that was the end of that story. >> jimmy: number one. great to see you. congratulations on the movie. "rampart," everybody. it opens february 10th. woody harrelson. we'll be right back with yvonne strahovski. [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change for just a little money? let's start with a paint we know can do the job. new glidden duo paint plus primer. ♪ one coat does double duty.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there.
12:53 am
welcome back. still to come, our next guest has been in america less than a week when she was captured and thrust on to tv. you know her as cia agent, sarah walker on "chuck." and you can see her sobe photo spread in "sports illustrated" next month. from the island nation of australia, yvonne strahovski. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show. strahovski is a polish name? >> yes. >> jimmy: and yet, you are from australia. >> yes. i'm the only australian in the family. i'm the black sheep. >> jimmy: are you really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: because you were born in australia and the rest of the family came from poland? >> came from poland. but my parents are the only polish people in australia. >> jimmy: the only polish people in australia? that's amazing. why did they move to australia? >> well, it was tough times in
12:54 am
poland back in the '80s. they decided to start a new life and come have an australian daughter like me. in australia. >> jimmy: they did a really good job. >> oh, thank you. >> jimmy: and then, you decided you were going to move to the united states and become an actor. >> i did. yes. >> jimmy: were they supportive of that? >> they were supportive. but they were sad. i'm their only child. they did actually follow me here because they missed me so much. >> jimmy: did you know they were following you? or did they follow you in secret? >> well, no -- >> jimmy: they're hiding in the bushes outside your house. >> coming up. yvonneka. my name is yvonneka, in polish. i'll dealing with them yelling at my name at the studio. >> jimmy: why did you shorten it? we could handle it. but your last name is a little hard. >> yvonneka, strahovski was a
12:55 am
little much. >> jimmy: you could have gone simpler. >> one of the producers on "chuck," suggested that i change my name to stryker, with a "y." >> jimmy: oh, no. >> he is the executive producer. >> jimmy: he wanted you to change your name to yvonne stryker? that's like a porn name. >> it is like a porn name. >> jimmy: i'm glad you had the good sense to reject that. that's ridiculous. >> yeah. >> jimmy: have you shot the final episode? >> we have. it's all wrapped up. >> jimmy: oh. was that a tearful good-bye? >> very tearful. i cried for a month leading up to it. >> jimmy: that's too much crying. you might have some sort of disturbed -- month you cried? >> i did. i was driving home. and a song would come on the radio. it's over. >> jimmy: yeah. this is a show that -- she's just kidding. don't worry. everything's fine.
12:56 am
[ laughter ] that had so much support online. people were always writing to the network and saying, please, keep the show on. >> yes, they were. we have the most amazing fans on the planet. >> jimmy: yeah. and now, this photo shoot, let's talk about that. you are wearing body paint and nothing else. >> yes. >> jimmy: what did your parents think of that? what did the strahovskis think? >> i had to give them the pitch, the speech, you know, about, mom, dad, i'm going to be naked. >> jimmy: who did you speak to first? mom or dad? >> both of them on skype. >> jimmy: oh, you did this on skype. okay. >> they had many questions for you. oh, you are going to have pasted on you? and coconuts, mum. oh, okay. >> jimmy: coconuts. >> coconuts and palm fronds. >> jimmy: they were okay with it? >> they were. >> jimmy: and you show up at the photo shoot.
12:57 am
>> and i meet my costa rican body painter. >> jimmy: very few have a costa rican body painter. male or female? >> male. straight male, actually. you can imagine how interesting it is to be painted for six hours because it takes six hours. and you know, i'm sort of in compromising positions while he's applying the paint. he was very sweet. he did bring his mother along from costa rica, to make me feel a little more comfortable. >> jimmy: that's kind of nice. >> but she didn't speak english. >> jimmy: she didn't? >> no. so, she was telling me stories. i didn't understand what she was saying. >> jimmy: he must have been so happy he went to art school at that time. and then, you have -- well, we have some of the photographs here. and it's pretty great, actually. it looks like you're wearing part of the foliage there. this is all body paint. and your hair is real.
12:58 am
and then, the bottle is real, right? >> yes. the bottle is real. >> jimmy: and we have another one here, where you're -- yeah. that's a good job. who washes this off? >> well -- >> jimmy: that's even better than the painting job, in a way. [ laughter ] your mother's not there. you don't have to concentrate. >> well, my costa rican body painter, drew me a bath. >> jimmy: oh, he did, huh? what a guy. allow me to draw you a bath. >> yes. and scrubbed my back for me. >> jimmy: he did? he felt he needed to be the one to do this? >> he did. well, what else am i going to do? >> jimmy: well, it's not your fault. but it seems a little bit weird. >> it was a little intimate. >> jimmy: was his mother there for this part of it? >> no. >> jimmy: that's his game, right there. [ laughter and applause ] don't ever talk to this guy again. it's great to meet you. i'm sorry to hear about "chuck," but there's episodes on the air. the big season finale. january 27th, "chuck," on nbc.
12:59 am
and you can see the sobe photo spread in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. thank you for being here yvonne$
1:00 am
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by bud light. >> jimmy: and here, with his latest track from this, his latest album, "take a back road," rodney atkins. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ sit in that six-lane backed-up traffic ♪ ♪ horns are honking i've about had it ♪ ♪ i'm looking for an exit sign gotta get out of here ♪ ♪ get it all off my mind and like a memory ♪ ♪ from your grandpa's attic a song comes slippin' ♪ ♪ through the radio static changing my mood ♪ ♪ a little george strait 1982 ♪ and it makes me wanna take a back road ♪ ♪ makes me wanna take the long way home ♪ ♪ put a little gravel
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in my travel ♪ ♪ unwind, unravel all night long ♪ ♪ makes me wanna grab my honey ♪ ♪ tear down some two-lane country ♪ ♪ who knows get lost and ♪ ♪ get right with my soul makes me wanna take ♪ ♪ makes me wanna take a back road ♪ ♪ i've been cooked up fried down ♪ ♪ 'bout forgotten what a field looks like ♪ ♪ full of corn and cotton if i'm gonna hit a traffic jam ♪ ♪ well, it better be a tractor man ♪ ♪ so sick and tired of this interstate system ♪ ♪ i need a curve and wide-a-twistin' ♪ ♪ dusty path to nowhere with the wind blowing ♪ ♪ through my baby's hair ♪ yeah, it makes me wanna take a back road ♪ ♪ makes me wanna take the long way home ♪ ♪ put a little gravel in my travel ♪ ♪ unwind, unravel
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